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In conjunction with Blair Hines Associates and Silva Homes granite mausoleum and burial plots were developed in this picturesque cemetery located in Queens, New York.  Strong design influence with multiple cross axis, alley of trees and open circular spaces are enhanced with plant materials to provide strong vertical delineations.  A duck pond was developed to be directly inline of the main mausoleum and provide a cool refreshing nature walk along the delicately planting water feature.  Several seating areas were also created to provide views and vistas back into the cemetery and give the users a place to meditate and reflect.

The main central axis, which cuts through the pond and across the seating areas was established to provide a strong relationship of the mausoleum to the future location of a state of the art church like memory center where videos, digital recordings, and pictures will be achieved for future visitors.  The memory center will be completed in the year 2008.

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